Mesh Morphing

Exprole shape of your product faster with automatized simulation chains

RBF Morphing

Fast and mesh independent solutio

To solve the problems of shape optimization, design of experiment, sensitivity studies or creating automatized simulation chains, ESPRESO framework contains efficient tools for high-quality mesh morphing. Mesh morphing brings to the user the ability to directly change the geometry shape of the computational mesh without its remeshing. This approach significantly speed-up product design development and does not distort obtained results through different mesh topology.

Product development with mesh morphing

Fast and mesh independent solution for

  • Design Development
  • Sensitivity Studies
  • Design of Experiment
  • Optimisation

Available functionality

Multiple Morphers

User can specify multiple morphers for one specific case restricted to the specific element regions

User defined functions

User can specify its favorite basis of function related to personal experience

external FFD boxes

morphing boxes can be specified in external text files for simple connectivity to external preProcessing tools

stl morphing

morphing into geometric shapes specified by external stl is available

parallel direct solvers

ACA parallel iterative solvers