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Projects – Numbox


a list of projects in which ESPRESO has been or is involved


The mission of CloudiFacturing is to optimize production processes and producibility using Cloud/HPC-based modelling and simulation, leveraging online factory data and advanced data analytics, thus contributing to the competitiveness and resource efficiency of manufacturing SMEs, ultimately fostering the vision of Factories 4.0 and the circular economy. ESPRESO is involved in this project by creating an automated system for the solution of the quenching process of the aluminium profile in the cooperation with the FERRAM and HYDAL companies.


EXPERTISE is a European Training Network (ETN) that will contribute to the training of the next generation of mechanical and computer science engineers with a common basic knowledge in the challenges, the paradigms, the technologies, and the methodologies in the field of nonlinear structural dynamics of turbomachinery and High Performance Computing. The ESPRESO team collaborates with the consortium members on the development of parallel solvers for harmonic balance response methods for application in the field of turbomachinery industry.


Green is a version of ESPRESO developed under the Horizon 2020 project READEX (RUNTIME EXPLOITATION OF APPLICATION DYNAMISM FOR ENERGY-EFFICIENT EXASCALE COMPUTING). This project started in September 2015. The ultimate goal for the ESPRESO team was to develop a power efficient version of the Total and Hybrid FETI solver that does not solve the problem in the shortest possible time but rather minimizes the power consumption.


The aim of this project is to extend the ESPRESO library to support the highly scalable solution of problems in complex domains using FETI domain decomposition methods, thus enabling the solution of large scale sound scattering and harmonic analysis problems. The goal is to provide a modern, modular and portable code written in C++, parallelized on all possible levels, and capable of utilizing the most powerful supercomputers.  


Numerical Modelling of 3D Printed Cranial Orthoses – The objective of this project was to replace physical testing of cranial orthosis design by virtual prototyping using numerical modelling and simulation technologies. In this project, focus was put on the pre-processing stage of the numerical modelling.  A semi-automatic system of mesh generation from a CAD model was developed employing the open source Netgen Mesh Generator software  Since the cranial orthosis model is very complex and requires generation of the volume mesh, this semi-automatic mesh generation must be done in parallel. The output of this project was a software tool, which takes a CAD model as an input and produce a finite element mesh with all boundary conditions as an output. Produced mesh is used for calculation of cranial orthosis stiffness using the in-house open source ESPRESO code.


The original implementation of the ESPRESO solver was developed during participation at the EXA2CT project. The task was to develop a highly scalable solver based on Hybrid FETI method. The main goal was to develop a code that takes the potential of the Hybrid FETI and is able to run efficiently on today’s largest Peta-scale machines.


The Intel® PCC at IT4Innovations National Supercomputing Center (Intel® PCC – IT4I) was developed highly parallel algorithms and libraries optimized for the latest Intel parallel technologies. The developed solvers are part of the ESPRESO library. Development and support of HPC community codes include creating an interface between ESPRESO and existing community code Elmer.

Contractual research

Continental Automotive Czech Republic – in the cooperation with the Continental Automotive, the ESPRESO team is creating an automatized solution for the response time prediction of an ultrasound oil sensor with various depended variables as the material parameters, and different thermal isolation techniques for the selected parts of the ULS sensors. The highly parallel solver for the solution of the nonlinear transient process is included in the prepared solution.

Invent Medical Group – in cooperation with SME Invent Medical Group, the ESPRESO team is preparing a topology optimization module in our own FEM package, which will be used for topology optimization of the transtibial prosthesis parts. By automatizing of the whole optimization process, which will be customized later for printing of transtibila prosthesis on 3D printers, we will significantly reduce the time needed for the design of the end product.

3Dim Laboratory – in the cooperation with SME 3Dim Laboratory, a solver for the solution of the femur shaft fractures fixation was developed.  Femur fracture has been treated with plates and screws and ESPRESO provides a robust solver for large jumps in coefficients, which is included in the numerical model (femur bone structure/steel).

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