Finite Element Library

Comprehensive package for real industrial problems


all in one

One of the core parts of our product is a comprehensive library for describing physical processes. The needs of the industrial practice are strictly enforced in the library development process. All of the parts of the FEM library contains highly scalable methods allowing full utilization of the computational capacity of state-of-the-art supercomputers.

Heat Transfer

Water Quenching machine

Our library is designed to solve complex engineering problems with the possibility of including all physical aspects such as convection, conduction, and radiation concerning nonlinear and time-dependent problems. Load steps definition allows combining multiple steady-state and time-dependent analyses. 

Ultrasound Level sensor

Complex Material Models

Everything that you need for a general description of material models

Nonlinear materials

element coordinate systems

phase change


The module for structural mechanics problems includes nonlinear material models, contact problems, harmonic response analysis, and implicit transient solvers. By combination mesh morphing, in-house scalable HPC ready solvers and modular configuration, we facilitate creating the optimal design in a short time.